Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Charlaine Harris books!!!

Just added two Charlaine Harris First edition, Hard cover, personally autographed books to my incentives! With True Blood Comicon back pack swag bags! And Charliane blogged about my Doc! http://www.charlaineharris.com/ Off to speak with so many heavy hitters in Kenya it's ridiculous!!! Sorry...will fill you in later. Gotta go talk to EW and travel agents and travel docs... L, Kristin PS - Thank you Charlaine!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Amazing day of help

Wow, what a day! So exciting. I am keeping a journal, started last night - the first line was "Maing a documentary is exhausting." And man is it. But also truly exciting to live in this world of passion and also, it was abject fear, now it's just low level panic. I am also trying to figure out how to keep everyone informed everywhere: here, the project site, in kickstarter, Facebook and twitter...THAT alone is a full time job. I feel as if the next invention is a format that encompasses it all. Maybe that is called "an assistant." It turns out that one of out True Blood producers is producing a TV show on elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching in Kenya august-september. Sound familiar??? I am was like, WTF?! So we've joined forces. Actually I have been adopted by them as they are much further ahead and bigger than I after years of getting this off the ground. But they turned me on to to many very cool things. Check out www.wildlifeworks.com - Now THAT is the way to do a clothing line! Where everyone from the land, to the workers, to the consumer all win. Really really beautiful. Also, do you remember that movie "I dream of Africa"? It is about Kuki Gallmann's life played by Kim Bassinger and I may be going to see her, if we can. I'd be honored to meet her and see her place. She's lost 36 elephants this year alone to poaching. http://www.gallmannkenya.org/index.html I also had a meeting with a really great editor and we talked at lenghth about my story and what we need to be thinking about now, with our cameras, during the shoot to make a great story. I am very very tired but am also very very grateful to all the wondeful people I am meeting and how so many want to help. I asked the producer today at lunch why that is that so many openly help and she said because so many know we've reached a fork in the road - a tipping point - where we must unite if we want to have elephants survive in the wild as nature intended. She told me today that there are no more rhinos left in the wild. They have all been killed. Last year I had heard there were four left and those apparently are now gone. They only remian in protected sanctuaries and are gaurded 24-7. And two species have gone extinct in the last year. This is a very sad statement. I am very curiuos about why we do this to animals, tress, the ocean, the air...each other. History shows what we do. All of us. Me too. This is a story about poaching but it begs a larger queation about the human animal. I intend to go on a journey pulling that thread and I hope we can come together with answers and questions - and also make a good movie. Love, Kristin LINK TO KICKSTARTER: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/90829120/kristin-bauers-out-for-africa-documentary www.OutForAfrica.com

Saturday, July 21, 2012


SO this is my first blog on this dedictaed site! I am really really tired (forgive the typos). Ive been shooting True Blood, doing PR, Comicon, harrassing all my co-stars to sign everything including there...well, you know...and now I feel I need to blog as this is a community project. We will do this together or this project won't get made or seen and Elepahnts and Rhino will suffer and i believe the human animal too as too much of an imbalance in nature affects all. We are all part of nature, we are all part of that divine energy - whatever it may be - this place is a rare creation. So the big news is that my kicksarter campaign is up!!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/90829120/kristin-bauers-out-for-africa-documentary I have MANY True Blood incentives thanks to my poor, beautiful, harrassed cast, directors, writers... And I will be posting about more incentives as they come in, and also the progress of the film. Thank you! The elephants and rhino thank you! Much Love, (off to get more caffiene and then meet with a possible associate producer) Kristin and Abri too (who is keeping me propped up) LINK TO KICKSTARTER: www.OutForAfrica.com