Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success! I am very happy and totally overwhelmed by the support and kindness of so many. The trip has shaped up into something that appears to have potential to be ...pretty awesome. I have no idea what it will be like to see and smell and hear the African bush. To stand close to a baby elephant and to be in a helicopter over the last rhinos...I will be journaling, blogging here, Facebooking, Tweeting as much as I can. I better run as I have three days to pick up camera equipment, finalize permits, finalize insurance, do lots of laundry, upgrade to the iPhone 4S that I can use in Africa, write up my entire house for the pet sitter, pay my bills for a month, buy a month of pet food, get the animal communicator to "talk" to the animals so they know we'll be back, set up a new laptop with all the pertinent docs, start malaria get the idea. The list is real long. Wish me luck, Ive never done this before but luckily the people with me have and Ive been on camera lots. Thank you again so much for stopping by and supporting us and an ecosystem across the globe. L, Kristin

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We reached our (frist) goal!!!

We gotten our set goal! That is amazing. THANK YOU!!! SInce I set up this campaign Ive had to pay for the shooting trip ...and it so far is twice this goal...and rising...SO! Keep spreadign the word!!! I'm putting up more Charliane books and I think I'm going to do a pet portrait...and we have ONE authority necklace! (which may go to Auction with the Snookie Snatch). I'm also looking to T-shirts! Well, off to keep working on it. It's been a 20-7 kind of thing. But THANK YOU!!!